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In 2017 I bought an ATV (side by side) for my son from a shady company who are in a cahute with krw(the crooks).i needed to finance couple thousand dollars.the so called dealers referred me to krw(the thieves).i had no choice cause I am not rich like those bastards I accepted the deal.the dealer sent me a faulty broken machine with I had to assemble by myself.a piece of crap from China with an American name.not to mention I didn't get the vehicle until after a month which is exactly the only warranty I had (30 days).my son was very excited about the vehicle.but after riding it for 2 times mechanic problems melting wires falling parts it is bad made machine.i called the dealer he didn't want to honor the warranty.they referred me to some dealers in my area but none of them want to fix that piece of the same time the thieves at krw are taking their payments every month straight from my bank account.i thought it was a finance company not a lease one.i talked to them after a year of payments and they told me that I can return the item leased then I will owe them no more money.i talked to a rude employee by the name robin.who told me that the item should be in working condition .i told her it wasn't.i was beyond myself when she told me to fix it and sell it and pay them the whole amount owed.dont forget I don't have a title for the vehicle.long story short ,because I told her what I was thinking about her company she decided to take 3 payments in 3 days leaving me with a negative balance plus overdraft fees.i called them the first one who answer the phone is amber an other very helpfull thieve .she didn't believe me and asked me to send her my bank statement.i did but she told me that she can't look at it till she comes back from lunch.i was furious I jumped in my car drove to my bank closed my account stopped two payments .and I will never give them a dime and I will sue them for fraud.and that's my story with the thieves at krw.

Product or Service Mentioned: Krw Associates Auto Leasing.

Reason of review: All of the above.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Rude disrespectful and thieves.

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