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Yes they bait and switch when you think your buying the product your actually leasing the product for a year with ZERO money going toward purchase. After you have wasted a years worth of payments on "leasing" you can begin your very first payment toward purchasing the my case a total of 3 and a half years!

First year money goes to nothing. Next 24 months or two years money goes to purchase. Toward the end you will recieve on statement how many approximately number of payments left.

Watch closely though as it will say one month 6 more payments then the next month 6 more payments and never seems to go down. So glad i finally got out of that nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Krw Associates Loan.

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Same problem here. Predatory lease-to-own scam that is not disclosed in the agreement


I’m going threw the same stuff but it’s a scooter thing was broken when it got here no speedometer.fuel gauge MP3 player don’t work brakes noisy poorly made ! No dealer can fix it !

Suppose to be brand new had to push it 2 blocks just cut out had plenty of gas embarrassed stop payment waiting for them to come get this junk !

Why is these crooks still in business ! You two company’s will witness your down fall soon !

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