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Update by user Dec 05, 2016

12/5/16 - Didn't hear from KRW all weekend, but received another phone call saying that the account was past due and telling me to call them. When I called the number they provided, it goes straight to voicemail.

Very aggravated right now... this is beyond ***

Original review posted by user Dec 03, 2016

11/27/16 - My computer finally died, so I decided to shop around for a new gaming rig. I came across Xidax computers and liked what I saw.

Since it is Christmas and my wife and I are in the process of buying our son’s presents, I also liked Xidax’s financing options. I thought, finance it now and pay it off in a couple of months. At first, everything seemed to be going smoothly. I was told I was approved for financing through Xidax’s finance partner, KRW Associates.

I received a Truth-In-Lending from KRW stating the terms… $56.34 per month for 12 months with a 16% APR; first payment due on 12/28/16. I accepted the offer and assumed that all I needed to do now was wait for the computer to be built and shipped. 11/28/16 - I received a call requesting my bank account information. I expressed some concern over that but was assured, repeatedly, that it was JUST for verification purposes.

I informed them that I was NOT interested in setting-up any sort of auto-debit and was promised that they weren’t. I really should’ve listened to my gut. 12/1/16 - I received a confirmation email. KRW was confirming that they have my first payment of $70.92 scheduled to be auto-debited from my account on 1/13/17 (they were even nice enough to provide the last four numbers of my account #).

They were also confirming that, after 21 payments have been made, I will own the computer that I am LEASING. Uh.. what?!?! I called KRW and was informed, by a very rude gentleman, that the email I had just received was wrong.

Ok… I already knew that. He proceeded to tell me that the actual terms that I agreed to, in writing, was a 12-month lease of $70.92/month… THEN 12-month financing of $56.34/month for an additional 12 months. Umm… no they weren’t. After a few choice words to the KRW rep, I told him where he could shove their financing.

As soon as I hung up with KRW, I called Xidax and let them know that I wished to cancel the order. I explained what had just transpired with KRW and told the rep that, due to their seemingly shady practices, I had no interest in financing through them. The rep explained they had just started doing business with KRW, so he would have to do some digging to get to the bottom of it. He agreed to cancel the order and to inform KRW.

I thought that would be the end of it…. 12/2/16 - Low and behold… I received a nice email from Mr. William Over, the collections assistant at KRW, with the heading DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. In the email, it states that I entered into a LEGALLY BINDING agreement and that my payment that was due on 12/2/16 had not been received and they were charging me a $25 late fee.

They also threatened to take additional action should they not receive the payment within 30 days. When I try to call them back, it goes straight to voicemail. In less than an hour, I received 2 emails and 2 collection calls from this company… On financing that was never accepted for a computer that was never built.

Good thing I have printed and saved the emails, and have answered the collection calls so that they show up on my cell phone bill… Long story short… Buyer Beware when financing anything through KRW Associates… be on the lookout for bait-and-switch tactics and unscrupulous business practices… and what may turn out to be illegal collection activity and bank fraud. Here’s wishing all (except for the crooked reps at KRW) a Happy Holiday!

Product or Service Mentioned: Krw Associates Electronics Leasing.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Bait and switch, same thing happened to me regarding a hospital bed.


Is nobody taking action against this company?!?!? I need help as I am being ripped off and don’t have the money to pay these rediculous payments that I was not made aware of.....Help!!!


I have the same problem, they were charging us a monthly lease and didn't even tell us it was a lease until after we were making payments, Big Toy Superstore, Hickory NC said we have a financial bank we can use so we said ok thinking it was a conventional loan even when we signed the agreement we were told the payments would be x amount for 1 year and the payments dropped to x amount after 1 year we were so excited and signed the contract not knowing it was a lease, here is my deal purchase price is 3,935 lease payments at 312.33 per month total 3,747.96 for 1 year OK now after 1 year the payments drop to 248.33 for 1 year total 2,979.96 for a grand total of 6,727.92 and that's supposed to be at 10% finance charge according to the lease agreement, wow and all for a 3,935 dollar purchase its highway robbery and the people need to know this anyone in their right minds would not agree to those terms, BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE of KRW and Associates Cornelius NC and Big Toy Superstore Hickory NC will legally rob U

Spring Lake, North Carolina, United States #1335925

please if yoi have any incendent with krw associates financing i will like to hear from you i want to put a case together bc of them false abretising and leasing program. my email is gallet88.cc@gmail.com

to unknown #1424185

I have a lease with then for my son's dirt bike and they never told me it was a lease and I told them to stop taking payments out of my acct and they keep on doing it.


How do you even get should of KRW.....they never even contacted me? And I can't find them on the internet.

to Anonymous #1424187

I have their number it's 1866-418-5857

Cumberland, Wisconsin, United States #1271044

I just got approved through krw but no where did I see that I was gonna lease this item for 12 months and then pay for another 12 months for a loan...I agreed to pay $600 for this not over $1000....I don't understand....So glad I caught this right away and closed my bank account and went straight to BB bureau...Of course noone answers the phone or answers your email....Please be VERY SCARED OF THIS COMPANY...

to Anonymous Portage, Indiana, United States #1274741

I don't care what anyone says, wether you signed on the dotted line or not. Even Aaron's or Rent a Center or Leaseville has a better deal than that.

You lease an item and make those payments and after that lease, the item is yours. KRW leases the item and you would still have to return the item after your lease is over with even if you made 24 months worth of payments.

If you want to keep the item longer, you have to make loan payments to them. HIGHWAY ROBBERY if you ask me.

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