Ok i am a customer so I am not some bot or company employee. I was doing a little research about this company.

Look I just bought a computer from Xidax a week ago. I just want to point out some things. First the sales rep I spoke to at Xidax (Julian) was very helpful in helping me get the system I needed. I went through Get Financing and chose KRW.

Exactly what do you think financing is other than buying a big ticket item and then making payments over x amount of AGREED months. After I submitted my info I got 4 choice to choose from (from different financiers) each with the EXACT terms if I chose to click on the ACCEPT button. I say this because I took screen shot and the Terms of my purchase $$$ for XX number of months was spelled out in front of me BEFORE I hit the accept button. I chose the 24 month option knowing full well it was gonna cot me a lot over two year but it was the monthly payment I wanted to keep as low as posible.

I expect to pay big interest and it did tell me how long I would be making the payments BEFORE I even clicked the ACCEPT button which actually is a legal binding agreement when you buy something online. o you actually did ACCEPT their terms when you hit the button. Im just oiinting this out for people who like me are looking for review.

As far as I can see by doing the proce myself all of what you are aying (except the customer service attitude - which I dont know because I cant listen to you call) i not really a bad reflection on KRW or Xidax and it looks more like a case of not reading and knowing whaat you agreed to before clicking the button. Just my 1 1/2 cents worth.

Reason of review: Good Experience.

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