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Experience so sad I had to write a blog post about it...

I am at the tail end of a move and as such I was rewarding myself with a new machine to which I was going to write many many more epic novel. I scanned the spectrum of the custom build machines from Cyber Power PC to Digital Storm. And then came across Ironside. Specifically their Mako limited edition build and was like, "Yes! This is machine I was looking for!"

I could have bought it right then and there and put it on a card but we just dropped a MINT on this new house and have had nightmare situations the whole length of the build and decided to go through the financing option that Ironside uses [GetFinancing (] and figured, sure why not.

So I built up my spec and like an excited kid went and placed the order which approved me for $5k which was much more than the rig went for $2,800. So I figured we were off to the races. I just had to make the first payment and we were done right? Nope... I was wrong.

A couple of days passed and I grabbed a few peripherals, a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers in anticipation of the new computer coming...

My son comes to my office and I show him the pictures of the Ironside machine and he's like "Cool. When will it show up?"

I shrugged and brought up the Ironside website to check the build status and it showed "Pending Payment". I was confused. I had made my first payment and couldn't understand it.

I called into GetFinancing and they said it was probably that the actual lender (KRW Associates) who needed to fund the loan and maybe they needed license or utility bill, etc... She gave me their phone number and I called in. Sure enough they needed some additional information and said they had sent me an email asking for it. I was a little confused since I didn't see the email in my system and in SPAM.

I explained I was in a new home and didn't have any utility bills yet but had a Comcast PDF with my address on it and showed I had setup internet in my new home. The girl put me on brief hold and came back and said it was fine. I sent in the ID pic as well as the PDF and figured we were off to the races...

Nope. The day I received and email from Robin and she pointed out the PDF I sent didn't have my name on it. I reviewed it and she was right it had the business name but not mine! DOI!!!! So I went to the account page and found my account with my name and screen shot the image and sent it.

I didn't hear anything so I called into the company and figured we could talk and I could do a video showing the house, the address basically anything they needed to show I was a legit customer who wasn't trying to scam or bamboozle anyone. I got her voicemail and I left a message.

I sent in an email this morning as I got up hoping it was all resolved...


I get this response back.


We rejected your funding yesterday. We cannot verify that you live at your address. Thank you,Robin

And that was that. With no follow up, no effort to work with me... nothing they just decided to close it all down.

We've done a few back and forth emails since then and I was relieved to hear that the credit inquiry was a soft one, so it shouldn't impact my credit score. Also, they will refund my initial payment. But while that's all good and dandy, I still don't have my Ironside Mako PC which I was so excited about initially. I am disappointed and frustrated. I guess I'll go to Microsoft and grab a different machine other than another Surface Studio since they don't seem to have any problems taking my money.

The main issue I have here is the sheer lackadaisical nature of the exchange. I was the one constantly reaching out to them. Trying to work with them. Since they were going to be the one making the money on the deal, shouldn't it have been the other way around? And there my friends is where my fear for America comes in. This isn't just one company... This is a cancer that exists in all verticals not just IT financing... Customer service? For the most part it's dead. That makes me sad.

But there's some light at the end of the tunnel... This could have been a saving grace since I was doing research for this I found out there's a LOT of angry people who don't like KRW. So much so, there's a website for people upset with them.

So maybe God was saving me from a REALLY BAD SITUATION... So if you're planning on buying a rig and you get KRW, just know they left a bad taste in my mouth and are NOT Angry Jackalope Approved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Krw Associates Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Lazy and not willing to do anything out of the cookie cutter.

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